unleashing the ideavirusUnleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

Unleashing The Ideavirus is a really an interpretation of the way human interaction, the Internet and marketing have fused into a new beast. A virus that can spread like wildfire and can quickly turn your simple small business or product into all the rage or a “has been” over night. The ideas in this book are going to be hard to swallow for many old timers and experienced self-employed people, especially if you have been successful over the years. It is easy to fool yourself into believing that you have it all figured out because you made it this far. I am sure that is what IBM, Montgomery Wards and Borders Books thought.

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The Bootstrapper’s Bible– A great resource for anyone wanting to start or grow their business. Godin covers a number of topics related to business, money, and management. Have a great idea, but very little money? Then let Seth Godin show you how to reach your full potential, no matter your resources!

Knock KnockGodin identifies what makes an effective website, and gives tips and information about how you can improve your company’s presence online and build a better website.

Who’s There– Godin discusses the importance of blogs and the new web, and offers tips and strategies so you can get the most out of these emerging technologies. Godin covers a variety of topics including why blogs are important, best practices for writing/managing a blog, and more.

Everyone Is An Expert Everyone is an expert on something, but many are experts on creating the illusion of utility while providing nothing. Godin talks about ways that anyone can use their skill and knowledge to provide value for their website visitors and customers, from creating informative content to organizing it in a way visitors can find and understand.

Fipping the Funnel-It can cost roughly 5-10x as much to obtain a new client as it does to keep an existing one happy. Yet all too often, marketers and business-people forget this simple fact, and spend time and money trying to attract new clients when they could have kept their existing ones happy with just a little effort. Godin talks about how giving your customers and brand advocates a voice not only makes them happier, but allows them to spread the word about you for free.

Money for NothingThere are lots of ways to create content online, but not all content performs as well as others. Investigating the reasons why some webpages are a success while others fail miserably, Godin offers a number of tips for would-be content creators, the most important being to keep any content you create or post “updated, unique and useful.”

On the Future of the Music Business-Seth’s insights into the changing world of music could prove useful for people preparing to enter any area of the business world.

7 Tips for Amateur Designers– Seth offers up seven tips designers can use to better communicate their message to their market. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketing specialist, or a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find tips and advice sure to open your eyes and give you new ideas for running your business.

The Insubordinate Book-Some people talk about making a change, others actually do it. Seth Godin discusses those who have broke with tradition to pioneer new forms of business and marketing, and shares his insights and observations so you can put his advice to work for you.

Tribes Q&A– We’re all members of a tribe, for better or worse. Godin and his contributors discuss what a tribe is, why we humans form them, how they work, what to do and not do, various ways to manage a tribe, and just how powerful small or large groups of people can be when they work together toward a common goal.

What Matters Now– Seth Godin invited around 70 people to help him write this book about where the world is, where it’s heading, and what we can expect when we get there. Will you see the same future after reading?


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