Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin (Free Download)

unleashing the ideavirus

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Unleashing The Ideavirus is really an interpretation of the way human interaction, the Internet and marketing have fused into a new beast. A virus that can spread like wildfire and can quickly turn your simple small business or product into all the rage or a “has been” over night. The ideas in this book are going to be hard to swallow for many old timers and experienced self-employed people. Especially if you have been successful over the years. It is easy to fool yourself into believing that you have it all figured out because you made it this far. I am sure that is what IBM, Montgomery Wards and Borders Books thought.

Unleashing The Ideavirus book is filled with many examples of companies and businesses who use antiquated marketing techniques and are losing ground quickly. If you don’t want your small business to go the way of the dinosaurs, then get this book (download for free) and don’t just read it, think about it as you read. I can almost guarantee that you will start making some changes. You may even start to feel a little panic setting in. Good! You may need the motivation.

As I said, for older people the change in the mindset of potential customers is going to be hard to accept. For those of us who grew up on television commercials, radio and newspaper ads and direct mail, we are going to fight to hang on to what we know is “the right way to market”. But if you look at Google, Facebook, Smart Phones and other widely used products and services, you will see that many of them never used television, radio or direct mail to entice you to jump on their bandwagon. No, most of the products that you purchase today came from someone else’s recommendation either directly or indirectly. That is what this book is all about. It is all about infecting people with your idea which in turn hopefully spreads like a virus.

People are spread so thin today that they have to find shortcuts to survive (figuratively speaking). These shortcuts usually come from other people in similar circumstances. Usually they come from people who have used or heard of your product and are so impressed that they just have to tell or show others. “Marketing by Interruption” as Seth calls it, is no longer cost effective. Marketing today is all about igniting the passion of the consumer. I’m talking about passion like the passion or Ideavirus that tennis shoe manufacturers have learned to cook up in their marketing labs. Do you really think it costs that much more to produce a pair of $150 Air Jordan sneakers over a $25 pair from Walmart? A simple Ideavirus can increase your profits ten times more than million dollar plant upgrades or hard-hitting cost control measures.

And it is not for just the big boys anymore. This type of marketing is necessary for all simple small businesses to survive. I am willing to bet that almost all of the advertising you do has a foundation in “interrupting” the potential client. People are fed up with interruptions and they don’t have time for it.

Don’t misunderstand, there is a big difference in word of mouth marketing and an Ideavirus. Seth uses charts to depict how word of mouth advertising dissipates over time like a small ripple in a pond, where an Ideavirus actually grows like a chain reaction that can quickly explode. This book explains how to take your ideas and turn them into an Ideavirus.

If you are a small business owner and stuck in the old ways of marketing, (e.g. radio or newspaper commercials), then you are the prime candidate for this book. Don’t get me wrong, this book will simply clarify things, but it is not going to make changing easy. As a matter of fact, personally I feel that marketing your simple small business, product or service is actually getting more difficult every day. As an owner of several small successful businesses, I can tell you that we are looking at the techniques of the Ideavirus very seriously.

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FREE Download Unleashing The Ideavirus

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