When Simple Small Biz Partnered With Castlewood

When Simple Small Biz Partnered With Castlewood

There are plenty of places online where people can search for business-related information. All too often, however, this information is just the same few facts and principles rehashed, reworded, and regurgitated over and over until the information itself begins to lose meaning. Some sites approach their content creation from a stuffy, pseudo-academic position, using big words and complicated ideas in a vain attempt to appear knowledgeable while offering almost no actionable information. Other sites use borderline-unethical web design principles to saturate their content with relevant keywords while providing little to no insights of real use to real people.

The people behind Simple Small Biz want to cut away the fat and sort through the nonsense, and in the process uncover those real gems of business information that offer actual value to business people; not just offer the same old load of keyword-laden garbage meant to feed the search engine’s robots and crawlers at the expense of a website’s visitors.

It’s easy to say you want to do good and provide help, but how do people like the writers of Simple Small Biz actually deliver on such promises? By only speaking about what they know. They don’t just write articles on topics simply because they’re popular or likely to attract scores of pageviews due to a trending keyword; they write about things they themselves have encountered, learned, and implemented in their daily business dealings. One day they might write about the biography of a famous billionaire entrepreneur they recently finished reading, while the next topic might be why you should sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Are they the first business people ever to write about these things, or think these thoughts? Probably not; after all, new ideas are like unicorns: they’re really hard to come by, and most people won’t take you seriously if you claim to have one. But the difference is that unlike some other sites, the writers at Simple Small Biz believe in what they share with their readers, and constantly work to implement the theories and practices they talk about into their own business endeavors.

How Castlewood Helped Simple Small Biz:

The writers at Simple Small Biz had a dream: sharing their perspectives on business-related topics with the world and helping others find success– even those just starting out. In order to do that, they needed a website. They knew they wanted their site to look great and work flawlessly on all kinds of modern devices. Due to budget constraints, they also knew it had to be cost-effective.

After examining their options, they decided to trust Castlewood Studios with the creation of their business’ website. Knowing what they needed their website to do, we included a number of modules and systems to maximize its speed, responsiveness (what allows a website to be viewed on TV’s, PC’s, and phones), and ease of navigation. We also worked on their search engine optimization, and implemented cutting-edge security features to prevent spammers and hackers from gaining control of their site and stealing personal information from them or their subscribers.

After creating the logo, colors, pictures, and customized theme, we next turned our attention to the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that allow a website do its job, implementing a subscription system to collect emails so they could stay in touch with their fans and adding monetization capabilities to help the site pay for itself.

In the years since we started working with the team at Simple Small Biz, we’ve been lucky enough to see the number of people going to their site explode. At first their visitors were few and far between, but as their site gained authority and improved search engine rankings thanks to their unique content, they went from attracting a few curious souls a month to having thousands of people regularly checking in for fresh new information. A decent number of them have even been impressed enough to become subscribers.

Any Internet marketing company would love to take all the credit for creating a website that has seen such impressive increases in monthly traffic, but in reality all the credit is due to the writers of Simple Small Biz. We’re just happy we were able to use our 15 years of experience in online marketing and web design to help Simple Small Biz stand out from the crowd while attracting and educating new and returning visitors.

Does your business need a new or redesigned website, or some help with online marketing? Do you want customer service you just can’t get from soulless large corporations? Do you want to work with someone you can trust with your company’s website, and not some small-time con-artist calling themselves a “web designer” on the weekends? Then Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help with your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs.

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