The Three Columns of Simple Small Business Success

My last posting I discussed the three basic pillars of simple small business success; Create the Work, Get the Work, and Do the Work. These three pillars each have three sub-columns in which you should be aware.

In the previous article I mentioned that it is imperative that you find help with two of the Basic Pillars while you focus on only the third (it does not matter which one). As your small business grows you can and should take the liberty to break each of the Pillars down into their sub-columns assigning someone different to each area. You can slowly do this as your business grows, delegating or farming out one sub-column at a time over time.

Pillar 1 –
Create the Work:

  • Develop the Product (R & D and Market Research)
  • Develop the Production System (Purchasing Materials, Stocking, Quality Control, Facility Layout and Manufacturing Processes)
  • Developing the Distribution System (Packaging, Shipping and Receiving)

Pillar 2 – Get the Work:

  • Developing Marketing Materials and Sales Campaigns
  • Selling the Work (Creating a sales force, Knocking on doors, Making phone calls, etc.)
  • Order Taking (Accepting and processing orders, Follow up, Customer service)

Pillar 3 – Do the Work:

  • Managing and training the workers
  • Buying, building and maintaining the equipment needed to do the work
  • Ordering and tracking materials
  • Making the product or performing the service

If you are at the beginning stages of a new simple small business, then you do not need to worry about breaking your three pillars down into columns. If on the other hand you are a young, but growing established company, you might want to look into how you can begin to implement this basic structure into your small business for greater efficiency and to build a stronger organization.

David Tower

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